Wingframe is regularly updated with new features and fixes.
Read about the latest updates in these release notes.

Release notes, Wingframe 0.7.0

September 24, 2018

New features & improvements

  • Added a public “Why Wingframe” page explaining potential process improvements when using Wingframe.

  • Clarified that Wingframe is free during beta.

  • Added lists of active invitations to Organization and Project views.

  • Ability to cancel invitations.

  • Added the possibility to view an organization's public profile while signed in.

  • Added organization "billing email" setting.

  • Public sharing of project signs; dialog for enabling & disabling.

  • Landing page style fixes.

  • Added the “Explainer video” to the landing page.

  • Sign lists

    • Fixed a layout bug with the info boxes when grouping signs.

    • Added CSS for printing.

Compliance related

  • New optimized vector path data for some ICAO characters.

  • Added functionality to the layout API required by QA tests.

  • Flexible character spacing (used in Gate signs for example).

  • Added hierarchical SVG structure needed for QA tests and more precise grids.

  • Implemented conversion of length units (in, mm, em).

    • Enables setting properties (width, legend height, etc) with units like "12in", "350mm".

    • Enables correct conversion of relative legend heights in nested messages.

  • In the HTML => SVG conversion, use actual SVG data in the HTML (prerequisite for dynamic symbols).

  • Dynamic symbols - Rendering that adapts to sign/message size.

    • ICAO: Runway Vacated

    • FAA: Runway Safety Area / OFZ and Runway Approach Area

    • FAA: ILS Critical Area/POFZ Boundary and CAT II/III Operations

    • FAA: Taxiway Ending Marker

  • FAA: One-Half Runway Distance Remaining

  • FAA: Arrestor Gear Sign


  • ES6 rewrite of layout API (now using babel-node).

  • Bug fix: Error when going back (history) to editing of a sign that was deleted from the list.

  • Update project lists when creating a new project.

Release notes, Wingframe 0.6.0

July 13, 2018

Major feature - Invitations

  • Invite to Wingframe.

  • Invite to organization.

  • Invite to project.

  • Initial implemention of user access rights.

    • Added groups: Owner, Member.

    • Added "restricted access" views for users, organizations & projects.

Minor features & improvements

  • Fixed a bug where unread notifications didn't show up in the list.

  • Added a message in the "Activity" list for beta test users.

  • Updated the “New project” form with activated “Target / purpose” selection.

  • Updated footer social links to Medium, Linkedin, Reddit, GitHub and Youtube.

  • Added a public “Release notes” page.

  • Added basic user settings.

  • Removed the "Join beta" sign up and added a proper sign up with immediate access.

  • Added a welcome message notification for new users.

  • Added a "I agree to Terms & service" checkbox in the sign up form.

  • Group "sign in" events in activity list.

  • New design for the “Sign in” page.

  • Refactored the Comments module and updated it's style.

  • Improved design for "Signs saved" modal.

  • Updated Privacy policy.

  • Upgraded to Font Awesome 5.

Compliance related

  • Added lowercase and special chars keyboard for compliance “Transportstyrelsen”

  • Made sure all special symbols like “No Entry”, “Runway Vacated”, etc can not switch message type.

  • Add warning if there is no matching panel size for the sign layout, or if the layout does not fit the selected size.


  • Removed some unnecessary dependencies.

  • Upgraded to nginx 1.14.

  • New SSL certificates by letsencrypt.

Release notes, Wingframe 0.5.0

June 8, 2018
  • sign lib 0.3.0

    • Added first road traffic signs for Swedish standard “Transportstyrelsen”. These are a work in progress.

    • Fixed some paths in ICAO CAT symbols that caused outlines to display incorrectly.

  • SignEditor

    • Added CAT symbols to MessageEditor.

    • Replaced unicode characters in MessageEditor with SVGs for proper rendering.

    • Added yellow location delineator between location sections to visualize erroneous configuration.

    • Removed editing ability for No Entry signs.

    • Added a message “Storing...” to indicate that the Editor auto-saves.

    • Fixed the MessageEditor “selected” appearance (border instead of background change).

    • (ICAO) Changed the MessageEditor stroke button title from “STROKE” to “BLACK OUTLINE”.

    • Improved grid previews.

  • AddSignSelector

    • Moved content to body for smoother scroll.

    • Added a checkbox for (not) showing the selector on “Add” click. If unchecked, a new sign is immediately added to the list.

  • Client error handling

    • Added client error handling.

    • Added client error batching.

    • Fixed resolving of the error stack trace with source maps.

  • Added image (png) generation of sign svgs for more accurate printing (WIP).

  • Added “using cookies and local storage” confirmation message.

  • Added FAA “Runway Distance Remaining” signs, with legend heights 25 & 40 inches.

  • Added a feedback widget in the bottom right corner.

  • Added a trash icon to the sign list items.

  • Added a browser check and error message if it's too old.

  • Fixed a “Reset password” bug.

  • Added legal information pages – “Terms of service”, “Privacy policy” and “Cookie policy”.

  • Added a client 404 page.

  • SignLists are now also Config models.

  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect size of a sign was displayed in the sign list.

  • Fixed a bug where the “New organization” and “Rest password” forms would enter a disallowed state.

More updates

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