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In the pipeline

July 13, 2018

So what's next? For the coming releases we will focus on compliance updates, new standards and a clarification of our message.

Verify standards

Airfield sign standards ICAO and FAA are implemented but needs to be completed and verified. Both have symbols that require dynamic rendering, for example ICAOs “Runway vacated” symbol and FAAs “ILS Critical area”.

New standards

Once those are nailed down we will continue with CAP168 🇬🇧 and TP312 🇨🇦. This will enable us to follow up on some leads we have. The crossed over location message type for CAP168 has already been implemented, so hopefully this won't take too long.

Clarification of process gains

Talking to suppliers we have noticed that - when explaining what Wingframe does - most people assume that Wingframe is a production tool only. The typical response is:

“– Ah, okay, you should talk to our sign guy / AutoCAD guy”.

Of course, this is usually a dead end because we end up talking to a guy that would potentially risk his job if the supplier used Wingframe.

No more "sign guy"

During the six years we worked for the sales team at Safegate, there was never a "sign guy" in the production department. Before we finished the first sign configurator tool, Safegate outsourced the drawing to consultants who drew manually, like some still do. As soon as the tool was available however, all sign production material was provided by the sales department. Employees could draw compliant signs themselves without having expert knowledge of the ICAO standard.

Let clients draw

Of course, the next step in this process is to eliminate the work of drawing completely. In this era of online shopping and single-click payments, providing a tool for your clients to draw the signs is a win-win for everyone, and an obvious efficiency step that will ease the process of ordering and delivering signs.

Focus on Airports

While most of the features we implement are aimed at suppliers, our goal is to make Wingframe an obvious choice and tool for Airports as well. Airports should not only be able to draw their signs, but also use maps or airfield images to manage locations of signs, as well as other meta data.

We will also take initial steps for the tool to handle airport terminal signs, parking signs and others where compliance to standards is less regulated.

The number of potential Airport users makes it an attractive market for us.

More updates

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