Specialized design software for airfield guidance signs.

Wingframe lets you draw airfield guidance signs in an accurate and streamlined manner. Save time and money by eliminating high cost manual labor and miscommunication.

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A smart solution to common problems

High cost labor

Many suppliers still employ designers or hire consultants that draw signs manually. With our software you can eliminate this cost by letting your clients or sales staff draw the signs in a modern, intelligent and user friendly web application.

Quality assurance

Verifying compliancy with standards is a time consuming task. Without inhouse expertise the cost of consultants can be significant. Wingframe provides your company with next level quality assurance in the form of customizable grids, compliance reports and more.


Even the largest suppliers still receive sign orders in Excel documents or other “sketches”. With no standard way for clients to communicate which signs they need, human error and incorrect orders are a problem. Using Wingframe – suppliers, integrators, contractors and airports finally have a tool for placing and receiving orders in a streamlined manner.

Standards compliant

Wingframe follows international standards out of the box. Our web service generates production-ready CNC / print files with accompanying grids and Compliance reports that source reference all measurements used for character, symbol and margin spacing. This makes it easy for suppliers and airports to verify compliancy with standards.

At the moment Wingframe supports regulations by ICAO, EASA, CAP 168, FAA and TP 312. The ambition is to cover all available standards world wide, and if you need a specific implementation in order to use Wingframe, please contact us and let us know.

Example of files generated by Wingframe:

Keep track

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Create your RFQ for signs

With Wingframe you can draw signs and share them immediately at no cost. No account needed, just click below to start drawing.

Increase business productivity

Create a Wingframe account, start your free trial today and get instant access to standards compliant production material and branded sales material.