Specialized design software for Airfield Guidance Signs.

Wingframe lets you draw and configure signs in an accurate and streamlined manner. Save time and money by eliminating high cost manual labor and miscommunication.

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Standards compliant

Wingframe is designed to adhere to international standards by default. Our web-based platform generates high-quality vector files, complete with accompanying grids and comprehensive compliance reports that document all measurements for character, symbol, and margin spacing. This facilitates verification of compliance with standards by suppliers and airport authorities.

Presently, Wingframe is compliant with regulations set forth by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Civil Aviation Publication 168 (CAP 168), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and Transport Canada TP 312. Our goal is to encompass all global standards, and we welcome requests for specific implementations to ensure that Wingframe can meet your specific needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.


The utilization of specific hardware configur­ations such as size speci­fications and custom options (e.g. frame color, mounting options, bird protection measures, etc.) within the Wingframe platform facilitates the drawing process and ensures maximum accuracy. The configur­ator is tailored to the indi­vidual user's require­ments, providing a person­alized experience when working on projects or assisting in projects they have been invited to partici­pate in.

Wingframe offers a visual represen­tation of the product, allowing clients to have a clear under­stan­ding of the final result. In addition to the visual represen­tation, Wingframe also provides technical speci­fications such as product codes, detailed measure­ments, and quant­ities of various compon­ents. This comp­rehen­sive inform­ation satis­fies the expect­ations of prof­essional speci­fications required by clients.

Powerful configurator

Our clients have consistently at­tested to the ease-of-use of the Wingframe platform, largely at­tributed to the in­tuitive design of the configur­ator. This configur­ator offers several user-friendly features, including:

  • An intelligent option selection process when adding elements to the configuration.
  • Effortless switchability between groups of symbols.
  • A grid view for precise measurement verification.
  • One-click access to compliance test data, with a live indicator displaying real-time results.

For advanced users, the configur­ator includes keyboard shortcuts and custom­izable settings panels for optimal layout adjustment.

Furthermore, the integration of your company's specific hardware config­urations within the Wingframe platform enables the configur­ator to automatically select the appropriate size for designs, greatly reducing the time required for this process.


— Using Wingframe couldn't be easier. It has reduced the time to size signs correctly at tender stage and with a click of a button we are able to generate a sales package and also a production package. Wingframe tailor the program around your signs and your require­ments which helps a great deal.
Jamie Fowler
Bid Manager (Products) at atg airports
— Wingframe is a tool which we use daily to full satisfaction
to service our customers and check if the design conforms with the EASA or ICAO standards. The fact that our customers also can use the All About Signs Inter­national Wingframe page to configure signs with our sign specifications, options and codenumbers is highly appric­iated by our customers and is also a real time­saver for us. It enables us to advise our customer really quickly. Furthermore, the Wingframe production files enable us to stream­line our production process, which shortens production time.
Chris Driedonks
Procurement and logistics manager with AAS International
— Wingframe is a Great Package,
giving ALS the ability to produce tailored ALS Illuminated sign quotation, quickly and confidently. Conforming and checking to the relevant compliance. Creating an overview that gives our customers an accurate visual aid of the ALS Sign. Also producing technical drawings of the sign face legend layout, reducing the company's time to manufacturing.
Manoj Mistry
Production/Design Manager at Airfield Lighting Systems UK LTD
— Wingframe is a very good and useful tool for designing our Sirius Taxiway Guidance Signs. Your assistance and help is all the time fast, competent and very well documented.
Birtolom Sebastian
Deputy Manager at ELECTROMAX
— The Wingframe software is very intuitive and easy to use. It helps our customers and us to configurate airport signs efficiently and checks compliancy with ICAO an EASA regulations. The Wingframe team is very serious about signage, and besides that, they are nice guys too.
René Meulenkamp
Board member and Director at AAS International

Flexible pricing

Wingframe features flexible pricing suitable for smaller businesses as well as large suppliers or enterprises.

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