Flexible pricing

Wingframe features flexible pricing suitable for smaller businesses as well as large suppliers or enterprises.


The annual software fee is based on usage and depends on how many signs you need, how many user accounts you need, if you need additional hardware sets, additional template lists, etc.

Annual subscription plans

The software comes in a couple of pre-configured sizes:

Signs, Production packagesup to 50up to 200up to 500up to 1000
Signs, Preview packagesIncluded *Included *Included *Included *
Landing pageNot availableIncludedIncludedIncluded
Branding (PDFs, LP)Not availableIncludedIncludedIncluded
Hardware setsNot available123
Template listsNot available123
Price, total€ 1 320 / year€ 3 180 / year€ 4 620 / year€ 6 900 / year

This limit is soft and proportional to the amount of Production packages in the contract. Excessive use may result in restrictions. Subject to section 4 (Acceptable Use) in the Terms of Service.

What's included

Wingframe Organization Account

Organization accounts act as an umbrella for users and allow members of your team to collaborate, see each other's activity and share projects.

They also enable better work flows using organization-specific settings like fixture/box sizes and configurations (colors, mounting, bird protection, etc.). So when a user is working on a project, or assists in a project they were invited to, the editor will be tailored to the organization and the process of drawing signs will be easier and as accurate as possible.

For plans S/M/L, an organization account includes:

  • Three (3) users
  • Branded landing page , documents
  • One (1) hardware set
  • One (1) template list
  • Preview packages
Wingframe Organization AccountIncluded


User accounts are a required point of entry for using the Wingframe software. Three (3) user accounts are included (for plans S/M/L), all of which are Members of the organization. A single Owner account with complete admin access is set up initially, but this Owner may upgrade other Member accounts to be Owners as well.

User accounts will be set up as follows:

  • One (1) Owner account with admin access
  • Two (2) Member accounts with full access (but not admin)

Owner accounts can upgrade or downgrade access for other accounts at any point.

User accounts1 or 3 (see plan)Included
Additional user accounts5€ 290,00 / year

Wingframe Sign Editor & Project Management

Screenshot of the Wingframe editor

With our Sign Editor, Wingframe offers a market leading experience and quality focused software for drawing airfield guidance signs. At the moment there is support the most widely used standards — ICAO, EASA, FAA, TP312, CAP168 — but Wingframe will eventually cover the entire spectrum of regulations; international and local.

When you edit a sign in Wingframe it will automatically tell you if your sign follows required standards or not. When you're done you can download sign lists, grids, approval documents, AutoCAD production files and much more.

We know that miscommunication can lead to costly production errors in some cases. With our basic Project Management tools you can create lists and invite people to collaborate. Having everyone looking at the same visual representation of the signs will save time and money.

Using Wingframe you'll be able to request quotes or quote signs faster and more accurate. Once an order is confirmed the production material can be generated and sent to production with just a few clicks.


Wingframe is a general purpose tool for drawing signs; airport, road traffic, way­finding — stan­dar­dised and non-stan­dar­dised.

The complexity and regu­lations for different sign types, as well as the re­quired work for develop­ment and main­tenance, varies a lot. So the price of a sign config­uration will reflect this fact.

Credit system

Each sign config­uration is priced in Wingframe credits. The main reason for this is to enable volume rebates, so that the credit price of a specific sign is fixed but the Euro price per credit decreases the more you purchase upfront.

The credit price for a sign is determined by a couple of things:

  • Number of print files (or grids, CAD, etc) generated by the configuration.
  • Number of messages that need compliance testing.
  • Work associated with develop­ing and main­taining the sign type.
  • Work associated with imple­menting custom fixtures and pre-configured print files (margins, print profiles, etc).

This means that in general, static signs are cheaper than dynamic ones, and signs that do not require compliance testing are cheaper than the ones that do.

Price of credits

100€ 0,80 / credit€ 80,00
500€ 0,72 / credit€ 360,00
1 000€ 0,66 / credit€ 660,00
2 000€ 0,63 / credit€ 1 260,00
5 000€ 0,56 / credit€ 2 820,00
10 000€ 0,50 / credit€ 4 980,00
20 000€ 0,43 / credit€ 8 580,00
50 000€ 0,28 / credit€ 14 130,00
100 000€ 0,22 / credit€ 21 630,00
The above price per credit is an average for the amount in the left column, not the credit price at this level. I.e. if you buy 10 000 credits you pay € 4 980, at an average price of € 0,50 per credit.

Additional Work

If Wingframe is incurred with additional work or additional costs due to circumstances that the Customer is liable for, Wingframe is entitled to remuneration of such costs at below hourly rate.

This is also the rate used for any additional work commissioned by the Customer.

Hourly rate1 developer€ 190,00


If you have any questions or want more information please contact info@wingframe.com.