Wingframe release notes

Wingframe is regularly updated with new features and fixes.
Read about the latest updates in these release notes.

Release notes, Wingframe 1.5.1 – 1.5.6

July 13, 2021 – December 03, 2021

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented undo-actions on Windows.
  • Fixed missing measurements between characters in the grid.
  • Removed some “invalid props passed to element” warnings.
  • Removed access to full compliance reports available at public “Draw”.

Release notes, Wingframe 1.5.0

July 07, 2021

This release was mostly optimizations and code refactoring — needed to remove some unnecessary complexity and speed up rendering and development.

New features & improvements

Optimized rendering

So it turns out that – on some rare occasions – software developers can overengineer their solutions. This was the case with our implementation for rendering our sign models. The process had four stages: 1. The base configuration model 2. The secondary “graphic element” model 3. Post-processed element model 4. Rendered React component.

There were ideas initially that justified this intermediary “element” model, but now a couple of years later we re-evaluated and concluded it's not necessary. We also found a way to eliminate the need for post-processing the model all together. So after the fixes in this release our rendering is much improved and only has two stages: the base model and the rendered React component. Simpler, faster and easier to develop.

While bench-testing the rendering we also discovered some unnecessary cloneDeep calls which have now been removed.

Minor pole fixes

  • Added the ability to adjust pole/leg height in the editor.
  • Added measurements between poles for some custom hardware sets.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an editor bug that caused the config to lose focus after ALT move.
  • Fixed reordering of configs with ALT, which didn't work for extracted panels.
  • Fixed incorrect ordering of panels when doing “Extract panels” on the back side of a box.
  • Normalized the size of some grid elements.
  • Fixed a bug resulting from getConfigContext not being properly recursive.
  • Fixed the label of copied signs being “001 copy copy copy” instead of “001 (3)”.

Release notes, Wingframe 1.4.8

June 2, 2021


  • Added a test for destination/direction messages checking for accurate content.
  • Added a test for location messages checking for accurate content.
  • Removed a test that restricted sibling information messages for double arrow taxiway direction messages (TDM).
  • Added a test that prohibits double arrow TDMs to be combined with other TDMs, but does allow destination messages.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused PDF generation (and package) to fail if panel margin was set to zero.
  • Fixed and arrow rotation test that passed incorrectly.

Release notes, Wingframe 1.4.7

March 17, 2021

Bug fixes

  • Added Runway Vacated tests missing for new configs (using SymbolConfig).
  • Fixed ICAO Amendment 15 padding which was not implemented for Runway Vacated tests.

Release notes, Wingframe 1.4.2 – 1.4.6

March 12, 2021


  • Implemented ICAO Amendment 15 of Annex 14.
  • Implemented a “stretched” version of the Runway Vacated symbol.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an editor keyboard bug.
  • Removed an irrelevant grid measurements on back of panel.
  • Fixed a grid rounding issue.
  • Fixed and invitation form state bug.
  • Fixed a “Components” tab error if unitless size set on box.
  • Approval doc: make grids for large configurations fit.
  • Fixed a dynamic symbol variant bug.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Reset password” form.
  • Fixed an FAA compliance test for spacing between elements in messages.
  • Added some missing details in the Excel export.

Release notes, Wingframe 1.4.1

December 17, 2020

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the cookie message rendering when signed in.
  • Fixed a dropdown preventing selection of different template lists.
  • Fixed missing component details in public sign list.
  • Fixed sticky header in public sign list.

Release notes, Wingframe 1.4.0

December 15, 2020

The focus of this release was the project view “Components” tab, as well as improvements in CI/CD workflows.

Components tab

In the project view there is now a new tab named “Components”, which includes tables of data compiled from the configurations in the project. With this new feature Wingframe provides additional data that is needed for quotations and production specifications. It answers questions like:

  • How many boxes of size x are there?
  • How many poles for size 800 are there?
  • How many meters of bird protection is required?
  • etc ...

An example table from a project can look something like this:

Product / ordering code Name / Description Dimensions # Units
509063100 FLAT-Light 968×668mm 968 × 668 × 100 mm 32
512063100 FLAT-Light 1268×668mm 1268 × 668 × 100 mm 13
515063100 FLAT-Light 1568×668mm 1568 × 668 × 100 mm 9
512083100 FLAT-Light 1268×868mm 1268 × 868 × 100 mm 1
521083100 FLAT-Light 2168×868mm 2168 × 868 × 100 mm 3
524083100 FLAT-Light 2468×868mm 2468 × 868 × 100 mm 4
527083100 FLAT-Light 2768×868mm 2768 × 868 × 100 mm 5
530083100 FLAT-Light 3000×868mm 3000 × 868 × 100 mm 14
Data relevant for you

As with many other things in Wingframe – which components are included and what data is compiled and/or calculated is completely customizable.

Excel export

Of course, export of this data in Excel format is available in both our Sales and Production package for further processing and calculations.

More to come

We hope this new feature will further simplify your work with quoting or managing AGS.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a rounding issue resulting in non-errors in ILS / Runway vacated signs.

Release notes, Wingframe 1.3.1

November 25, 2020

Bug fixes

  • Fixed panel settings not being disabled on the landing pages.
  • Fixed failing undo if first action/click in editor is “Extract”.
  • Fixed a PDF header layout issue when project titles are too long.

Release notes, Wingframe 1.3.0

November 20, 2020

The focus of this release was the “panels only” feature.

New features & improvements

Panels only

It is now possible to quote panels only, with correct properties and appearance of the configuration. In the editor, pull out the settings panel and you'll find an action-button labelled “Extract panels”. Once the panels are free you can set custom sizes (incl. depth) of the panels, but they also keep their relationship to the box hardware set so the design of messages works as expected (selecting appropriate variants).


The above feature introduced a new major way to make breaking changes in the editor, i.e. changes that you cannot revert by adding new elements. Once you had extracted the panels from the boxes there was no way to wrap the panels in boxes again. To solve this problem we decided to implement “undo”, as this also solves the issue for all other breaking changes – current and future. So now you can simply press ctrl/cmd + z to step back in your editing history.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some DXF rendering issues for “Taxiway ending” and “No entry” messages.
  • The editor now always opens with the front view selected.
  • Fixed an issue with the Dashboard “Latest projects” list showing no projects.
  • Fixed a scrolling issue for configurations that were too wide for the screen.
  • Disabled selection of files for trial packages.

Release notes, Wingframe 1.2.2

October 23, 2020

Bug fixes

  • Changed the default message type from Location to Information if message contains arrow.
  • Fixed Gate sign issue: Can't find default message types if set to auto.
  • Fixed missing fallback unit for Gate signs.
  • Fix in editor option settings: If no title use value instead.
  • Landing page fix: Control bar in EditableSignList not sticky under header.
  • Website section “Standards compliant” fix: Incorrect button links in section. Text outdated.

Release notes, Wingframe 1.2.1

October 15, 2020

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an incorrect dashboard message shown when paid subscriptions ended.
  • Removed unnecessary “you created a signlist” events when creating a project.
  • Fixed double cookie messages.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when clicking the backspace button in the editor's virtual keyboard.
  • Fixed irrelevant grid measurements shown for "NO ENTRY" symbols.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a 404 message on the “Sign in” page when already signed in.
  • Fixed missing cross-over (CAP 168) paths in grids.
  • Fixed missing cache of thumbnails that caused some blinking in sign lists.

Release notes, Wingframe 1.2.0

October 11, 2020

The focus of this release was performance and scalability. Most of the work was put into our development environment and services infrastructure.

New features & improvements

  • A new iteration of our public website, more mobile friendly and with Bootstrap 4 and Fontawesome 5.
  • It's now possible to custom draw the vector representation of the hardware, presenting our clients' specific boxes/cabinets in a more accurate and appealing way.
  • More options in the editor "config adder", making it easier to configure messages.
  • Added some additional editor settings which were hidden before.

Release notes, Wingframe 1.1.0

March 26, 2020

New features & improvements

  • Added export of Approval / Sign-off PDF documents for each sign configuration.
  • Export of DXF file containing blocks with rasterized versions of signs.
  • Auto set default number of poles in templates.
  • Generation of packages were limited in trails due to abuse.
  • Added Character height to the editor component details.

Bug fixes

  • General component set settings were not visible in the editor settings panel.
  • A sign containing incorrect FAA borders caused the compliance report to fail.
  • Editor "config adder" options rendered backwards in some cases.
  • Message type switched the message on the opposite side af a bilateral sign.

Release notes, Wingframe 1.0.0

March 9, 2020

Today we are proud to announce the release of Wingframe 1.0.0. A version that has been in the works for more than a year, which contains all the pieces we originally envisioned three years ago. We are excited to provide our customers – as well as their customers – with a market leading experience and quality focused software for drawing and ordering airfield guidance signs.

We also want to thank our customers for the incredible feedback we have received. We appreciate it greatly, and we hope you enjoy the result.


The main new features available in 1.0 are:

  • Hardware configurations – Configurations now include the entire fixture with boxes, panels, bird protection, poles, etc. Support for bilateral / double-sided boxes included.
  • Client specific configurations – Our clients with organization accounts now have their specific components/products implemented with options, ordering codes, look and feel, and custom auto-sizing (selection of box size for message).
  • AutoCAD/CNC files – Production packages now include DXF files which can be tailored to your production requirements.
  • Multi-box messages – Grouping in lists have been removed and multiple boxes are in the same configuration so they can better adapt to each other.
  • Improved compliance – Multi-box messages are now tested as a complete message, removing any errors due to the fact that grouped boxes were tested seperately (e.g. missing location border).
  • Improved editor – The editor now includes zoom-control, view selection (front, right, back), hardware settings & details, and more.
  • Improved lists – Lists are now in blocks and contain more info about the configuration.
  • Custom templates – Template lists are now organization specific, so you may have any categories/subsections you like, as well as templates that best suit your product.
  • New grid view – The Grid view has been completely rebuilt and is now an edit mode you toggle instead of a static image you load.

Release notes, Wingframe 0.10.0 (0.10.6)

February 25, 2019

Generate & download package

The major new feature this version is the settings and interface for generating production packages. First off, packages are now generated in a background process, so users can continue working while waiting for packages. Secondly, users can now customize a number of things for print files and grids:

Print file settings

  • Mirror / flip horizontally
  • Mirror / flip vertically
  • Add filename label in margin

Grid file settings

  • Outline/stroke elements (text, symbols, backgrounds) so they are visible without fill & background colors.
  • Include fill color of elements (text, symbols, backgrounds).
  • Scale grid elements (text, lines, arrows) to fit and be more readable on a smaller print out of the grid – A3 landscape, A4 landscape, etc.
  • Unit selection, millimeters or inches.

Once the package is generated it will be available for download. At this stage you may choose which files to include, for example if you want a package with print files only, or just want to exclude compliance reports.

New features & improvements

  • UK Civil Aviation Authority compliance “CAP 168” finished.
  • More compliance tests.
  • Outgoing system email queue added to background process.
  • Migrated from MySQL to PostgreSQL.
  • Improved style for Compliance reports.
  • Improved style for overviews.
  • Implemented auto justification/alignment based on sign content.
  • Added a preview of the Compliance report to the public editor.
  • Added Millimeters/Inches choice in editor grid view.
  • Removed the trash icon from text elements in the editor.
  • Switched keyboard shortcut for opening MessageAdder from enter to space.
  • Keyboard shortcut “Add message” on enter key (or shift + enter).
  • On key down “enter” on text, add newline.
  • New landing page content.
  • Display sign lists created in dashboard activity list.
  • Easy invite option for request creator in the project/people view.
  • Auto scroll for modals.
  • Improved “Submit signs” modal.
  • Normalize grid scales for signs in the same package.
  • Store compliance report data when saved.
  • Updated test results for undefined or ill-defined symbol widths and spacings.
  • Enforce latest sign library version when generating packages.
  • Display compliance report summary in project and sign list views.
  • Clarified publication reference in head of compliance reports.
  • Performance optimization for sign lists.
  • Compliance report footer with contact info, disclaimer and known issues for respective compliance.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed auto suggestion of legend height for some signs.
  • Fixed backspace keyboard bug.
  • Fixed the CAT suggestions for text in mandatory messages.
  • Fixed a bug for some characters in project names.
  • Fixed ICAO character space bug for space between “L” and “A”.

Release notes, Wingframe 0.9.0

January 18, 2019

Development environment improvements

For the start of 2019 we decided to spend some time updating our development environment and production flow. For easier code maintenance we've migrated to a mono-repo, and for smoother releases we've updated our build and test processes.

The webpack bundles was in need of some optimization as well, decreasing download time for our users.

Optimization fixes

  • Simplified webpack entries.
  • Removed unnecessary imports from bundles.
  • Symbols “Tratex Vit” now extends “Tratex Svart”.
  • Build script for Docker production images.
  • All symbol spacing scss is built to a static css file.

New features & improvements

  • Initial implementation of TP 312 (WIP).
  • More compliance tests.

Bug fixes

  • Unsynced comments caused a crash in the project view.
  • Editor keyboard was deactivated on text focus.

Release notes, Wingframe 0.8.1

December 19, 2018

New features & improvements

  • Initial implementation of CAP 168 (WIP).
  • Added WIP flags in template selector.

Bug fixes

  • Checkbox event issue in Safari.
  • Sync issue when commenting a project.
  • Crash if new invitation without a target (general invite to Wingframe).

Release notes, Wingframe 0.8.0

December 13, 2018

New features & improvements

  • Smarter scaling of signs in sign lists.
  • Dynamic resolution of preview PNGs.
  • Save selected compliance per project.
  • Project overview PDF: Render and include in download package.
  • SVG files now expand based on margin settings on FixtureConfig.
  • These fixture margins are applied to PDF print files as well.
  • Many more ICAO and FAA signs added to the template selector.
  • SignEditor
    • MessageEditor has been replaced by a ToolBox component that can render both Message tools and Text tools.
    • The fading of non-selected parts of the sign has been adapted for Road signs (where messages don't span entire height).
    • Some bugs and border scaling fixed in the grids.
    • Settings
      • Shows settings based om selected message/text.
      • Textarea input for text settings.
      • Margin has been added for Fixture settings.
      • Layout settings can now be edited for all configs extending LayoutConfig (Sign, Message, Text, etc.)
  • Layout API
    • CMYK conversion going from SVG to PDF.
    • Tests for all routes.
    • Bulk generation of print files.
    • All routes now return JSON.
    • All layout-engine routes now return promises.

Compliance related

With this release we are taking quality assurance for airfield guidance signs to the next level. Wingframe is now able to generate “Compliance reports” for ICAO and FAA signs. Once finished, this report will include the sign itself, it’s grid with all the measurements, but also — a detailed list of all the rules this sign needs to comply with. Each test of a rule will include relevant document specification and reference, expected value or range of values, the current value, and the test result (passed or not).

The goal is for any individual to be able to look through the report, and — regardless of his or her knowledge of sign standards — quickly determine if it is compliant or not. If not, the failing tests will clearly state which rule was broken and why.

We believe that, just like with the grids, this feature will fundamentally change the expectations in the industry.

Compliance Report related features

  • Compliance test routes were added to the API.
  • Compliance tests can now be run via command line and through a user admin interface.
  • Multiple tests for ICAO and FAA has been added for airfield guidance signs.
  • A “Compliance Report” view has been added to the SignEditor top menu bar.
  • A “Compliance Report” PDF file is generated and added to download packages.

Road traffic signs – “Transportstyrelsen”

  • Proof of concept for swedish road signs, a compliance titled “Transportstyrelsen”.
  • Dynamic drawing of symbols needed for the arrow “Vägvisare”.


  • Limit error emails.
  • Fixed a bug where disallowed attributes would be set on DOM elements.

Release notes, Wingframe 0.7.0

September 24, 2018

New features & improvements

  • Added a public “Why Wingframe” page explaining potential process improvements when using Wingframe.
  • Clarified that Wingframe is free to try for a limited time.
  • Added lists of active invitations to Organization and Project views.
  • Ability to cancel invitations.
  • Added the possibility to view an organization's public profile while signed in.
  • Added organization "billing email" setting.
  • Public sharing of project signs; dialog for enabling & disabling.
  • Landing page style fixes.
  • Added the “Explainer video” to the landing page.
  • Sign lists
    • Fixed a layout bug with the info boxes when grouping signs.
    • Added CSS for printing.

Compliance related

  • New optimized vector path data for some ICAO characters.
  • Added functionality to the layout API required by QA tests.
  • Flexible character spacing (used in Gate signs for example).
  • Added hierarchical SVG structure needed for QA tests and more precise grids.
  • Implemented conversion of length units (in, mm, em).
    • Enables setting properties (width, legend height, etc) with units like "12in", "350mm".
    • Enables correct conversion of relative legend heights in nested messages.
  • In the HTML => SVG conversion, use actual SVG data in the HTML (prerequisite for dynamic symbols).
  • Dynamic symbols - Rendering that adapts to sign/message size.
    • ICAO: Runway Vacated
    • FAA: Runway Safety Area / OFZ and Runway Approach Area
    • FAA: ILS Critical Area/POFZ Boundary and CAT II/III Operations
    • FAA: Taxiway Ending Marker
  • FAA: One-Half Runway Distance Remaining
  • FAA: Arrestor Gear Sign


  • ES6 rewrite of layout API (now using babel-node).
  • Bug fix: Error when going back (history) to editing of a sign that was deleted from the list.
  • Update project lists when creating a new project.

Release notes, Wingframe 0.6.0

July 13, 2018

Major feature - Invitations

  • Invite to Wingframe.
  • Invite to organization.
  • Invite to project.
  • Initial implemention of user access rights.
    • Added groups: Owner, Member.
    • Added "restricted access" views for users, organizations & projects.

Minor features & improvements

  • Fixed a bug where unread notifications didn't show up in the list.
  • Added a message in the "Activity" list for trial users.
  • Updated the “New project” form with activated “Target / purpose” selection.
  • Updated footer social links to Medium, Linkedin, Reddit, GitHub and Youtube.
  • Added a public “Release notes” page.
  • Added basic user settings.
  • Removed the "Join beta" sign up and added a proper sign up with trial access.
  • Added a welcome message notification for new users.
  • Added a "I agree to Terms & service" checkbox in the sign up form.
  • Group "sign in" events in activity list.
  • New design for the “Sign in” page.
  • Refactored the Comments module and updated it's style.
  • Improved design for "Signs saved" modal.
  • Updated Privacy policy.
  • Upgraded to Font Awesome 5.

Compliance related

  • Added lowercase and special chars keyboard for compliance “Transportstyrelsen”
  • Made sure all special symbols like “No Entry”, “Runway Vacated”, etc can not switch message type.
  • Add warning if there is no matching panel size for the sign layout, or if the layout does not fit the selected size.


  • Removed some unnecessary dependencies.
  • Upgraded to nginx 1.14.
  • New SSL certificates by letsencrypt.

Release notes, Wingframe 0.5.0

June 8, 2018

  • sign lib 0.3.0
    • Added first road traffic signs for Swedish standard “Transportstyrelsen”. These are a work in progress.
    • Fixed some paths in ICAO CAT symbols that caused outlines to display incorrectly.
  • SignEditor
    • Added CAT symbols to MessageEditor.
    • Replaced unicode characters in MessageEditor with SVGs for proper rendering.
    • Added yellow location delineator between location sections to visualize erroneous configuration.
    • Removed editing ability for No Entry signs.
    • Added a message “Storing...” to indicate that the Editor auto-saves.
    • Fixed the MessageEditor “selected” appearance (border instead of background change).
    • (ICAO) Changed the MessageEditor stroke button title from “STROKE” to “BLACK OUTLINE”.
    • Improved grid previews.
  • AddSignSelector
    • Moved content to body for smoother scroll.
    • Added a checkbox for (not) showing the selector on “Add” click. If unchecked, a new sign is immediately added to the list.
  • Client error handling
    • Added client error handling.
    • Added client error batching.
    • Fixed resolving of the error stack trace with source maps.
  • Added image (png) generation of sign svgs for more accurate printing (WIP).
  • Added “using cookies and local storage” confirmation message.
  • Added FAA “Runway Distance Remaining” signs, with legend heights 25 & 40 inches.
  • Added a feedback widget in the bottom right corner.
  • Added a trash icon to the sign list items.
  • Added a browser check and error message if it's too old.
  • Fixed a “Reset password” bug.
  • Added legal information pages – “Terms of service”, “Privacy policy” and “Cookie policy”.
  • Added a client 404 page.
  • SignLists are now also Config models.
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect size of a sign was displayed in the sign list.
  • Fixed a bug where the “New organization” and “Rest password” forms would enter a disallowed state.

More updates

For more information on updates in Wingframe see our Medium blog.